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Avian invitro fertilization
Four or five years ago I received National Research Council (Canadian Federal) funding for an avian invitro fertilization project with interesting results. Initially we used quail (no good due to proctodeal foam) and subsequently chickens. We co-operated with Animal Sciences Department at the University of British Columbia.

Results achieved 90% fertility six hours after ovulation but zero at twelve and twenty four hours. (Eggs are laid twenty-four hours after ovulation). Facetiously, we called the process "Rapturbation".

Originally a funding proposal was made to both Science Council of B.C as well as NRC. A couple of years later I heard from the Science Council that someone had 'stolen' and re-present it, even to the extent of using our term "Rapturbation" - hopefully there is more honor amongst falconers.

This research has led to an interest in avian semen cryopreservation. I believe I know how it might be possible to freeze and thaw avian semen much more successfully than hitherto and this would of course have exciting potential not just commercially for the turkey breeding industry (more funding would probably be available for applied research) but also for threatened and endangered species if only I can find enough time and resources to follow this through in the reasonably near future... but for that word 'if" the whole of history would be very different.

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