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Arab falconry

I can arrange the training of your falcon for direct pursuit Arab falconry. (for houbara, kairowan or desert hare) Our falcon trainer has over twenty years experience with birds of prey. Previously trained Gyrsakers have proved themselves killing many houbara. All falcons are trained with Houbara lure with pole lure

Trained falcons will arrive well-muscled, fit, and will hood perfectly. Your trained falcon will arrive with a custom fitted hood.
The cost of this training is

$1000 USD.

Please note purchaser will be responsible should your falcon, escape, die, be injured or suffer feather damage during training. However, every precaution will be taken to prevent any catastrophe including using 2 transmitters.

Our Custom Made West Nile Proof Breeding Pens

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To Purchase any birds you must be a Licensed Falconer